“I was watching these corals dying from the abnormal increase in seawater temperature and light. In 2004 we lost 24% … More


GRAYSON PERRY & TIM SHAW A mention of an art work that I came across and am super excited about. … More

Writing Tips

Writing tips from workshops I have organised or things that I have read… David Munns, from Bournemouth Film School (Arts … More

Writing about DANCE

Advice from a dancer… Carly’s top 5 dance companies from around the world and what makes their work stand out by … More

Spontaneous Writing Booth

Coinfruit Pounds are useful for buying pennyseeds. Especially if these grow into moneytrees. Coinfruits flower in spring and ripen in … More

Writing about INTERIORS

The Erotic Chair by Tessa Ditner Commissioned by Tim Woodward for Skin Two Magazine 61 (This is a slighly longer … More


Corsets. A frivolous topic isn’t it? It’s like writing about the politics of Dairy Milks. Yet corsetry from the point … More


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