Writing, Philosophy & Editorial



  • Octomorphosis The Little Book of Unrealist Stories inspired by the art of Jon Everitt – Contributing Editor. octomorphosis-portsmouth-writers-hub-new-anthology-on-sale-at-blackwells-now
  • Portsmouth Fairy Tales for Grown Ups. Contributing Editor. Applied and received Grant for the Arts from Arts Council England. Out now in ebook or paperback

Academic papers

Short Stories

  • Irukandji Roulette – travel writing short story featured in the short story collection Day of the Dead and performed at ‘Valentine’s Day Massacre’ & ‘Premature Articulation’ [two events for Portsmouth BookFest 2016]
  • Green Mangoes – primate conservation short story inspired by Arthur Hunt and the Vervet Monkey Sanctuary, Limpopo, South Africa. [https://vervet.za.org/]
  • Christmas cranberries, ainsley-ts and a wooden fork – erotic short story for Skin Two Magazine
  • The Meat Market – short story read out at Brixton Bookjam
  • Lost in Chefchaouen – travel writing short story read at Spark London
  • The Hardware Store – short story read at The Erotic Book Club [bokship.com]
  • Horse Riding with a Dominatrix – Pop-Up Literary Salon [Evening compere and reading at Club Pedestal, in the crawling zone]
  • Flash Fiction – Open Pen ‘War of the Words’ [Hackney, London, OpenPen.co.uk]



  • The Warehouse Co-written pilot episode for the BBC Trans Comedy Award competition with Beth Granville
  • Kiko & Eve, animation screenplay.
  • Marylin Monroe, short film screenplay.



  • ‘London and the Grotesque’ World Literature Today, USA
  • ‘The Coral Rangers.’ Sport Diving Magazine, Australia
  • ‘An art dealer’s perspective: Rene Gimpel on Hirst vs. Hockney, Tracey Emin & grown up art’ CultureKiddo
  • ‘Walking with the Wounded, Private JacoVan Gass on why he’s not taking a gold fish to the North Pole’ Playgirl UK
  • ‘Duchess of Cornwall to be Figurehead of English Wine’ Decanter
  • World Wine Award Quiz (Alsace + Chardonnay + Champagne + Australia) Decanter
  • ‘Fetish Fashion vs. Haute Couture’ Von Gutenberg Blog
  • ‘London’s Luxury Escapism’ Murooj Magazine
  • ‘Enrique Former of Marques de Caceres’ Decanter
  • ‘Notting Hill’ LateXtra Magazine
  • ‘James Haskell, Naked on the Roof’ Playgirl Magazine UK
  • Les Dieux du Stade Playgirl Magazine UK
  • Interview with Lemar Playgirl Magazine UK
  • ‘The Arvon Foundation & writing the novel’ CultureKiddo
  • Q&A with Aita Ighodaro author of Sin Tropez, Playgirl Magazine UK
  • Interview with Victoria Fox author of Hollywood Sinners, Playgirl Magazine UK
  • ‘French Laundry Pops up in London’ Decanter
  • ‘Ben Eine & A Rebel’s Career Path’ Playgirl Magazine UK
  • ‘Eating your way to homesickness’ International Association for Literary Journalism
  • ‘Helen’s Typhoon’ Playgirl Magazine UK
  • ‘Why we launched Playgirl in the UK’ InPublishing
  • ‘Impure London’ Quintessentially Magazine
  • ‘Men are thieving our Corsets’ (comedy column) Skin Two Magazine
  • ‘Rise of the Barbie Doms’(comedy column) Skin Two Issue 62
  • Interview with Abigail Greydanus, Latex Designer from LA, Skin Two Issue 62
  • ‘I’m not a politician!’ Drag Queen Lilley White, CultureKiddo
  • ‘Wigs, Superman and Rope Bondage; undercover at the London Fetish Weekend Ball’ Skin Two Magazine
  • ‘Winter Scents’ Murooj Magazine
  • ‘Shoes to Die For’ Stuart Thom, Footwear Designer of Ainsley-T from Milan, Skin Two Magazine
  • Interview with Louis Fleischauer, film and costume leatherwear designer AMF Korsets from Berlin, Skin Two Magazine
  • ‘The Erotic Chair’ Skin Two Magazine

Skin Twos


  • ‘A Day, A Life’ – Staged at the Corpus Christi Cambridge Playroom
  • ‘Clean Conscience’ – Entered into Chesil Theatre 150th Anniversary 10X10
  • ‘Beyond a Fairy Tale’ – Staged at the Cambridge Playroom
  • ‘When Three Strings Make a Rope’ – shortlisted for the London Writing Competition.


  • Tips, Tricks, Techniques – Characterisation & Comedy, for the The University of Portsmouth
  • Tips, Tricks, Techniques – On Theme, for The University of Portsmouth
  • Tips, Tricks, Techniques – Playing with Words, for The University of Portsmouth
  • Tips, Tricks, Techniques – Powers of Observation, for The University of Portsmouth
  • Tips, Tricks, Techniques – Scenes & Life Stories, for The University of Portsmouth
  • Writing Project with Publishing Series of Lectures- for The University of Portsmouth
  • Poetry, for The University of Portsmouth
  • Erotic Literature Workshop for Portsmouth University, Creative Writing Department
  • Speaker at Portsmouth University’s lecture on Publishing, Marketing and Making your work part of literary festivals.
  •  ‘Sir Walter Raleigh, Kanye West, Lonely Planet and Nelson Mandela’ comparative lecture on love poetry, travel writing and speech writing from the scaffold/courtoom, for Surrey University English Lit undergrads.
  • ‘Dickens’ Concepts’ for the London Language Centre
  • ‘Literature’s Marmite’ writing workshop for the Lovedean writers on how to avoid writing Bad Sex Award worthy scenes.
  • ‘The Art of Blogging’ workshop for Portsmouth University undergraduates.
  • ‘Alexander McQueen & an introduction to British Fashion’ London Language Centre


Art Reviews

  • ‘Powers of Manipulation’ Tim Shaw (solo exhibition) at the Riflemaker Gallery, London (as my pseudonym Eeny Meeny Miny Mo) www.aqnb.com
  • ‘Eggs & Keys on Toast’ David Shrigley (solo exhibition) at the Hayward Gallery, London (as Eeny Meeny Miny Mo) www.aqnb.com
  • ‘Impress Me’ She Doesn’t Care at the EB&Flow Gallery, London (as Eeny Meeny Miny Mo) www.aqnb.com
  • ‘Eye Sweeteners’ Remote Control at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London (as Eeny Meeny Miny Mo) www.aqnb.com
  • ‘Satellite String’ Bertille Bak (solo exhibition) at Nettie Horn Gallery, London (as Eeny Meeny Miny Mo) www.aqnb.com
  • ‘Endangered Knowledge’ Palm Leaf Architecture of the United Arab Emirates at The Royal Geographical Society, London (as Eeny Meeny Miny Mo) www.aqnb.com
  • Selling Sex at SHOWStudio, London skintwo.co.uk
  • Art Erotica at Cork Street Open Exhibition, London culturekiddo.blogspot.co.uk
  • Vanitas: The Transience of Earthly Pleasure, 33 Portland Place, London
  • Art at The Last Tuesday Society

Writing Competition Judging

Short Story Competition Judge – The Portsmouth Short Story Competition 2016 and 2017

Theatre & Film Reviews

  • Cause Célèbre at the Old Vic, London
  • ‘Shakespeare Milkshake’ at Arts Theatre, London
  • Madame Bovary at The Rosemary Branch Theatre, London
  • The Shoemaker’s Holiday at The Actor’s Church, Covent Garden, London
  • Du Goudron et des Plumes at the Barbican, London
  • House of Tolerance at Ciné Lumière, Institut français, London
  • The People Pile Studio Event by The People Pile at London Studio Centre, London
  • Gruntlers at Azerbaijani House, London
  • Nuit Demonia at The Moulin Rouge, Paris
  • Scented by Darkbloom Theatre at the Frameless Gallery, London
  • Paper Wings by the Beehive Theatre Company at The Space, London
  • Life’s a Drag featuring Drag Queen Cookie at Cellar Door, London
  • ‘The Tarantino of Choirs’ Our Lady J at Soho Theatre, London
  • Orpheus in the Underworld by the Royal College of Music at the Britten Theatre, London
  • Public Interest by Clever by Clever at the New Diorama Theatre, London
  • The Biting Point at Theatre 503, London
  • Kojo at Soho Theatre, London
  • Baadinya at The Space, London
  • Pawnography at The Rose Theatre, London
  • More or Lesque/Major Suttle-Tease at Volupte Lounge, London
  • Agent Lynch and Friends at Studio 64, London
  • Brad Channer at Jewel Bar, London
  • ‘A jackal and a diva on stage’ Pistol & Jack at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, London
  • The Folly Mixtures at Volupte Lounge, London
  • Better than Sex by Robert B Suda, London
  • Wam Bam Club at Cafe de Paris, London
  • Hocus Pocus at Proud Cabaret, London
  • Miranda at Tara Arts, London
  • London Alternative Fringe Festival Launch Show at Madame Jojos, London
  • East End Cabaret at Carnivalesque, London
Nick Ingamells www.nickingamellsphotography.co.uk
Tessa & the Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth UK. Photo by Nick Ingamells http://www.nickingamellsphotography.co.uk

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