Short stories curator @

Well done to all the writers that appeared in The News with one of their short stories. I was very pleased to be the curator for the short story section of this newspaper for the following fabulous tales…

  • One Last Ice Cream by Richard Salsbury
  • Fred by Julie Garvey-Welch
  • Sapling by Helen Salsbury
  • Coasting by Claire Colley
  • Punkat by Charlotte Comley
  • Pyramid Homes by Jackie Green
  • Dancing on the Dead by William Sutton
  • The Money Laundry by Nick Morrish
  • The Shop of Lost Things by Lynne Stone
  • Runaway by Chris Campbell
  • The Easter Bunny and a Bottle of Cointreau (book extract) by Roz Ryszka-Onions
  • Sid’s Place by Rick Haynes
  • Commander Crabb by Stuart Garcia
  • The Vegetable Growers of Venn Ottery by Lynne Stone
  • The Book of Norman by Nick Morrish
  • Guardian Angel Albie by David Dunford
  • The Heir to Fishbone Place by Mick Cooper
  • The Bargain by Mike Gaines
  • Albert Strump by Kate Rawding
  • The Prince and the Dragon by Ron Hicks
  • D N R by Jim Skinner
  • Another Realm by Dave Flint
  • The Fairy Must Fly by Judy Lara Rowe
  • The Old Cottage by Stuart Garcia
  • Maternal Bond by Hayley White
  • God in a Kinder Egg by Nick Haines
  • Thank You by Ron Hicks
  • The Big Ship by Mick Cooper
  • The Magic Chimney by Mike Gaines

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