Taking a pic with a twist

Here is how I put together the shoot for the article for View Magazine:

On an even sillier note, here is a snap I took to illustrate one of my stories in the Portsmouth Fairy Tales anthology (Mr Potato Parts Shop). It was part of a series of images that was projected as a backdrop during the readings. I had no idea if this would detract from the story, but it worked really well. For the sake of buying a couple of toys and spending a few hours doing a photoshoot, it gave a fun, individual visual element to my fairy tale story. The other writers also chose images to go with their story that complemented the words. Definitely worth thinking about if you’re organising a reading!

For more info on the projections go to: http://culturekiddo.blogspot.com/2014/11/story-projections.html

Join the gang and see more about the fairy tale project here: PFT.


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