Your Short Stories in The News

Hello writers!

We have a new team taking over the compilation of The News Short Stories led by wonderful hub writers Stuart Garcia. If you have enjoyed reading the stories that have appeared in The News and would like to submit a story, please do!

You can send your story for consideration directly to Stuart at:

How long should the stories be?
The stories must be between 800-1000 words.

How should I present my story?
Please send all stories in Times New Roman, font size 12, double space.

What else do I email over with my story?
Please also include your name, a bio about you -max 30 words- and a photograph of you as well (as high resolution as possible).

Who do I email my story(ies) to?
Please send your stories to  Stuart:
In the heading please put ‘Story for The News’. Don’t forget to attach your bio pic as well as your bio (under 30 words).

He will get in touch to let you know if it is suitable for the next batch of stories and if so if any edits are required.

Happy writing!

Here are the fantastic stories that I collected for batches 1 and 2:

Batch 1
  • One Last Ice Cream by Richard Salsbury
  • Fred by Julie Garvey-Welch
  • Sapling by Helen Salsbury
  • Coasting by Claire Colley
  • Punkat by Charlotte Comley
  • Pyramid Homes by Jackie Green
  • Dancing on the Dead by William Sutton
  • The Money Laundry by Nick Morrish
  • The Shop of Lost Things by Lynne Stone
  • Runaway by Chris Campbell
  • The Easter Bunny and a Bottle of Cointreau (book extract) by Roz Ryszka-Onions
  • Sid’s Place by Rick Haynes
  • Commander Crabb by Stuart Garcia
  • The Vegetable Growers of Venn Ottery by Lynne Stone
  • The Book of Norman by Nick Morrish
  • Guardian Angel Albie by David Dunford

Batch 2:

  • The Heir to Fishbone Place by Mick Cooper
  • The Bargain by Mike Gaines
  • Albert Strump by Kate Rawding
  • The Prince and the Dragon by Ron Hicks
  • D N R by Jim Skinner
  • Another Realm by Dave Flint
  • The Fairy Must Fly by Judy Lara Rowe
  • The Old Cottage by Stuart Garcia
  • Maternal Bond by Hayley White
  • God in a Kinder Egg by Nick Haines
  • Thank You by Ron Hicks
  • The Big Ship by Mick Cooper
  • The Magic Chimney by Mike Gaines
Will you take non-fiction or poetry?

Yes absolutely, include in your bio if this is non-fiction.
Poetry is very welcome as well. We’d love a poetry Saturday Story Hub Editor to give us a hand to help if possible?

Is this only for Portsmouth residents?
The idea is that local writers get a showcase, but you don’t have to be from Portsmouth itself. Anywhere in the surrounding areas is supercool too, or if you were brought up in Portsmouth but aren’t here now that why not?

What theme do the stories have to have?
There is no theme, this is your opportunity to showcase yourself as a writer, so feel free to stick to themes you are passionate about or are already writing about.
You can set your story in Portsmouth if you wish, but there is absolutely no obligation to do so.
You are welcome to theme your stories to a time of year such as Christmas or Easter for instance.


ps: below some msg from the hub facebook page, join the conversation at Writers’s Hub here:

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